Director Doug Liman Is Still Interested In Working On Justice League Dark.

Warner Bros. is still working on developing Justice League Dark, a movie they announced back in 2013. Liman, who was originally attached as the director to the film but who then left, stated in an interview that he is still interested in directing the movie. 

Director Doug Liman, who has worked on such films as the first Bourne Identity, Jumper, Swingers, Mr and Mrs. Smith, as well as most recently the cult hit Edge Of Tomorrow, said in an interview with Screenrant that he is still interested in directing the film. Here’s his quote:

“I would be open to [directing Justice League Dark]. I have a very kind of contrarian approach to how I make things and I don’t want to do them the way other people have done them. You know, Impulse is an original take on superpower as you can imagine and still be satisfying. Because obviously there’s some things – you can be original and artsy and not… Part of the reason cliches exist is because they’re satisfying to the audience so my challenge as a filmmaker has always been to do something that’s really original and still totally satisfying on a big commercial level, which I feel we’ve done with Impulse and I’d be really interested in doing that within the DC world if the right piece of material comes along.”

It’s fair to say that Liman is someone who is clearly interested in doing something different with the movie and would like to avoid typical superhero movie conventions – a change some fans of DC Films would welcome with open arms. Based on his quote, who produces and what kind of script emerges from the development process is paramount to his interest directing the film.

Liman would love to come back but there is also the question of whether or not DC Films would want him back. DC Films has undergone new leadership changes at the top with the departure of Jon Berg and the arrival of Walter Hamada. Fan favorite Geoff Johns is still in position as co-head alongside Hamada but as of now there have not been any announcements regarding Justice League Dark or what their relationship with Liman is like. Perhaps that bridge has already burned but it is only speculation at this point.

As previously mentioned above, Justice League Dark was announced in 2013 by Warner Bros. but the studio has been really silent on the movies since then with the exception of the announcement of Liman as director followed by his departure. As of right now, the focus for the studio is directed towards Aquaman, Shazam, and the sequel to Wonder Woman.

The original plan was to have Justice League Dark directed by Guillermo Del Toro with the team consisting of Constantine, Zatanna, Swamp Thing, Deadman, and Etrigan (The Demon). Unfortunately Del Toro could not make the commitment which is when the studio went with Liman.

As of this writing, there is no release date for Justice League Dark.

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