More TITANS Casting News Announced

by JC Alvarez
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The TITANS have landed another new cast member igniting rumors around exactly who he will be playing!

While DC’s cinematic universe may be raising some eyebrows with its questionable directions, no one appears at all worried, but only more excited by what the primetime landscape continues to offer its audiences! With the remarkably electrifying premiere of Black Lightning on The CW, the introduction of the 31st Century’s Legion of Super Heroes on Supergirl and the reported return of speedsters Jesse Quick (Violett Beane) and Jay Garrick (John Wesley Shipp) to The Flash these exciting reports have been rounded out with more news on the upcoming Titans.

The series which is projected to lead the DC subscription streaming network has already assembled an impressive list of actors to fill out the roster of former Caped Crusader sidekick Robin, turned filed leader and adventurer Nightwing! We can now report that actor Seamus Dever formerly of ABC’s Castle will be joining the Titans. Unfortunately the role has not yet been announced, or whether or not Dever will be playing a hero or one of the group’s adversaries. Though rumors have begun to surface that he might portray Brother Blood on the series.


Titans will follow the adventures of these young and untested heroes, many of which are considered misfits. The pilot has been reported will rely on the supernatural origins of Raven, who is instrumental in allying the original team members together to take on the menace of her extra-dimensional father, the demon Trigon! Titans is expected to premiere in 2018 and will feature prominently on DC’s streaming app, also set to launch the new season of the animated favorite Young Justice.

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