Review: Aquaman #32

by Cameron Tevis
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Dan Abnett

Artist: Illustrated by Riccardo Federici



With Dolphin’s help, Aquaman finally finds Mera. Unfortunately, Mera is still unable to breathe on her own underwater. Aquaman takes her to the Widowhood for help. There he learns that they have a master plan for Mera. But before that plan can be put into motion, she must survive and the only way she can do that is if Aquaman takes down the Crown of Thorns.

Even if they are able to take down the Crown of Thorns that surrounds all of Atlantis, they also must defeat Corum Rath.

Aquaman 32 - DC Comics NewsAquaman 32_1 - DC Comics News


The artwork in this arc has been gorgeous and this issue is no exception. Federici’s artwork is cinematic and the vibrant colors jump off the page.

The Widowhood’s plan is revealed and what it means for Mera looks to be a potentially great boost to the character. Mera is already a strong female character and this new revelation can only mean great things for her.

Aquaman 32_2 - DC Comics NewsAquaman 32_3 - DC Comics News


The last arc had an Aquaman that I felt was too defeatist to be a convincing superhero or king. The beginning of this new arc, fortunately, saw Aquaman’s strength of character return. But now it seems he is taking a step back in this issue. It’s obvious Abnett is trying to elevate Mera’s position in the DC Universe and in Atlantis, which I am all for since I love the character. However, it seems the way they are doing it is by deciding only one character, either Mera or Aquaman, be deserving of royalty or having a special destiny. I don’t feel you need to detract from one in order to elevate the other one.

Aquaman 32_4 and 5 - DC Comics News


Even though I feel it might be a step backwards for Aquaman himself, this is a great issue. Mera is the standout in an unexpected way. I’m really looking forward to seeing how her storyline progresses in the upcoming issues. With the growing tension, the final confrontation between Corum Rath and Aquaman looks like it will be explosive and I can’t help but get excited for it.


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