Rumor: LEGO DC Villains Game may be Coming!

by Damian Fasciani
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In October of 2017, Warner Bros ended Lego Dimensions and since then rumors have been making the rounds that they will be employing a different strategy with a new set of games hitting the shelves of retailers.

Sources close to Warner Bros have shared that a new DC Comics game is in the works focusing on a host of famous characters we have grown to love. In the past DC lego games have focused on the Dark Knight and the Justice League but this upcoming game is reported to be focusing on DC Villains. With limited details to date, the game may be labelled as  ‘LEGO DC Villains’ or ‘LEGO DC Supervillains.’ Some of the characters that may be apart of the game will be Harley Quinn, The Joker and Lex Luthor.

The game is reportedly going to be developed by TT Games.

It has been reported that TT Games may be releasing the DC themed game in 2018, but again nothing is confirmed. Let us know if you would be interested in a DC game focused on villains!

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