Review: Justice League of America #23

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Writer: Steve Orlando

Pencils: Neil Edwards



Tsaritsa, a powerful queen from an unknown dimension, has descended on Happy Harbor! The Justice League of America finds themselves beaten thanks to Killer Frost, whose betrayal leaves the team out in the cold! With Vixen thought dead, Frost standing beside Tsaritsa, and the rest of the team captured, just who will save them all?


Orlando really makes you angry at Killer Frost in this issue. In the previous issue I did feel sympathy for Frost due to her condition and her vision of the future–a cold, barren wasteland where only she remains. It is because of these visions that she betrays the team, thinking that Tsaritsa has the power to make the world a better place. Slowly, she’s starting to figure out that this queen is full of lies and deception, but even as Frost starts to realize this, she still doesn’t help release her team. Even Lobo calls her out on her betrayal and I’m right with him on it. Once this mission is over, I have a feeling that Frost’s membership in the League may be in jeopardy. I hope she’s forgiven because she’s grown to be one of my favorite characters however if she’s dismissed I’d completely understand why.


My only negative in this issue was the timing of The Ray to save the day. The Ray left the team to return to his home of Vanity where he thought he could be a better help as a hero. However as all these events unfold in Happy Harbor, The Ray doesn’t respond to the JLA communicator at all. Granted, he does show up at the end of the book, and he’s responsible for releasing the team, but The Ray should’ve never left to begin with. I’d figure being 20 or so issues in that this team would have more structure to them, however between Frost’s betrayal, and The Ray’s departure it seems like this team is slowly coming apart.


Overall I thought Justice League of America was a good read. There’s plenty of action, you still feel emotion for Frost’s situation and Orlando leaves everything on a cliffhanger for the next issue. It seems that there may be someone that even Tsaritsa with all of her power is even afraid of. Orlando introduces this seemingly dangerous character at the very end–so you already know the next issue is going to be a slugfest!



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