Review: Gotham City Garage #7

by Joshua Raynor
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writers: Collin Kelly & Jackson Lanzing

Artist: Brian Ching

Colors: Kelly Fitzpatrick



In five days, Luthor will bring war to the Garage—so the gang rides out to assemble an army. Natasha Irons is determined to save her world, but sending so many of her friends away on missions leaves her alone with Barbara…and the Batman. Can she defend the Garage against the first of Luthor’s metahuman League: The Flash?


In this issue, we got the chance to spend some time with Natasha Irons.  As the other sisters head off to prepare for Luthor’s inevitable attack on the Garage, Natasha and Babs stay behind with the Batman.  But little do they know, they’re not alone out there in the Freescape.

The first of Luthor’s League has tracked them down and starts toying with them, and that person is none other than The Flash.  This was a pretty cool looking version of The Flash, even if he didn’t last very long.

Kelly and Lanzing are amazing storytellers, as even with a fairly simple story, it flows and keeps you interested.


As I just said, this is a fairly simple story, and after the last issue that amped up action, it was a bit disappointing to then drop back down to a somewhat slower pace.  We even had to deal with seeing Bruce’s origin story, something that every DC fan has seen numerous times.

Also, why did it take four days of watching The Flash to figure out what to do?  And why was he just out there for nearly a week just running around in the desert?  It just seemed like a strange entry to this story.  And for it to end so quickly is just odd to me.

And I have to say, I much prefer Carmen Carnero’s art from the last couple issues over Brian Ching’s.  It’s a noticeable difference.


Overall, this was a fine issue.  I didn’t dislike it by any means, but after the last two powerhouse issues, this one just seemed a bit like a throw away story.


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