Review: Batman #42

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Writer: Tom King

Pencils: Mikel Janin



Poison Ivy rules the world! With only Batman and Catwoman unaffected, the two try to find a way to stop Ivy once and for all. However, how can the Dark Knight attempt to solve anything with an Ivy controlled Superman following his every move? As the Man of Steel hovers above Batman’s every movement, the hero of Gotham enacts a dangerous plan to stop Ivy, but what will Batman have to sacrifice to do it?


Tom King takes the DC universe and gives one of it’s most dangerous villains a turn at ruling it! And it’s actually not all that bad! Bruce and Selina wake up at Wayne Manor with seemingly a daily routine, taking a shower, getting dressed, and even going out to eat–all while Superman hovers over them. Even Selina jokes about how the wedding, from guests, to catering, and even music, will all be Ivy controlled. It’s Selina’s sarcastic tone to the entire situation that I really love here. It provides the right balance to Batman’s more serious nature.


I really have only one negative about this book–although technically it’s not really a negative, if that makes sense! Towards the end of the book, we find Batman and Catwoman both captured by the Justice League and tied up hanging off of a ledge. Batman is taunting Ivy via the mind controlled Superman, and when Ivy has enough she uses Superman to land a mighty punch to Batman! Half of Batman’s face is nearly broken while we hear Catwoman screaming his name in the distance.  It just doesn’t quite seem like something he’d necessarily survive, but of course they won’t kill off the Dark Knight.


Overall Batman #42 is a very entertaining read. Although the world is entirely Ivy controlled, seeing Batman and Catwoman trying to navigate through it is perhaps the most entertaining part of the book. I really enjoyed the brief fight Selina has against the Flashes, because I really didn’t expect the outcome that it was. At the end of our book, we find Batman alive with half of his face bandaged and he’s being attended to by Harley Quinn! Definitely looking forward to the next issue!



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