[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Writer: Dan Abnett

Pencils: Paul Pelletier



When Roy Harper finds out some dangerous information–he tries to relay it to Donna Troy, who’s currently on the Justice League’s Watchtower! Due to Roy’s past days as an addict however, the more people he’s tries to warn–the more he’s perceived as dangerous! When Wally West and Dick Grayson attempt to reach out to Roy and talk to him, things quickly go from bad to worse!


Dan Abnett did a good job of showing how apart the Titans are in this issue. Thanks to the actions of the Justice League, the team have split apart for a moment. Donna Troy is staying the League’s Watchtower while the rest have gone solo. When Abnett does catch us up with them we find Roy seemingly completely lost. When Donna Troy’s pleas to the League to help him go unwarranted, Roy decides to go out on his own. Dick aka Nightwing and Wally aka The Flash attempt to talk to him–and that’s when a fight breaks out! I really expected Roy to not last long against the protege’s of Barry and Bruce, but Roy Harper really surprises me here. He’s a real survivor in this issue and does anything to gain an advantage in a fight.


My only complaint about this issue was the appearance of Mallah and Brain in this issue. The two villainous partners are currently working on a project that seems to boost Brain’s thinking power to unknown and heightened levels. The two spend a lot of pages talking amongst each other about their plans of world domination and getting their overdue respect from the super villain community. At first I was interested in their conversation, but it soon went from interest to boredom in some parts. I soon totally forgot their overall purpose for being in the book because I was so into the problems going on within the Titans themselves.


Overall I thought Titans #21 was a good read but I felt that Mallah and Brain was too overused in this issue. I felt that it was a little too more focus on them when I really cared about the Titans more than anything else. I believe however that Mallah and Brain must be apart of a bigger plan next issue and hopefully it’ll involve the return of the Titans really soon.


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