Artists Bruno Redondo And Daniel Lambere Sit Down For Interview About Injustice 2 Comics

by Joseph Marcas
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Longtime Injustice artist Bruno Redondo, alongside fellow creator Daniel Lambere, who recently came aboard the series, sat down with Newsarama to discuss their work on the popular DC title. The pair spoke about the challenging task of not only re-imagining the look of a few characters, but rather an entire DC universe.

Since 2013, the Injustice series of comics have continued to increase in popularity among fans, for both long-time DC readers as well as those who came to the series through the Injustice video game. The books act as prequels for the games and fill in the story players experience throughout the single-player campaign in which Superman has gone rogue after the death of someone very close to him.

When asked about what it’s like to redesign a lot of iconic DC characters, Bruno Redondo had this to say:

“I guess that’d be to deal not only with a character or a group of characters, but an entire DC universe. Over the last five years — man, it’s been a log ride — we have been playing with many DC Universe perspectives, which is cool and hard at the same time. But I’m happy, because this allowed me to work with many different characters such as the Green Lantern Corps or John Constantine, all under the same tittle, which is way funny.”

When asked the same question Daniel Lambere said this:

“Injustice is a big challenge, probably the biggest in my career. It’s a story full of characters from all of the DC universe, and you have to try to give every character their own personality, their own style. Also, it’s a comic book with really cruel or really funny moments so you have to try to reflect all those environments and situations. Also, as I said before the expression is really important and is another great challenge. Working on Injustice is very funny and challenging and I feel like it’s great training for my art cause it allows me to work on so many characters and situations.”

If you want to see the interview in its entirety, then click on this link:

Image courtesy of DC Comics

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