Blue Beetle and Steve Ditko Together Again

by Ari Bard
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Steve Ditko and Robin Snyder recently announced their new anthology The Hero: Blue Beetle now on Kickstarter.  This book is already completed, according to Robin Snyder, and marks the duo’s nineteenth Kickstarter campaign.

Snyder writes on the Kickstarter page, “We open this special edition by addressing the matter of ‘The Mystery of the Blue Beetle?’ Who and what is the Blue Beetle? Who created the Beetle? Where has he been? What exactly do Snyder and Ditko have to do with this unique character?”

Ditko started working on Blue Beetle when the character was still owned by Charlton comics in the late 1960s.  The Kickstarter goal was $4,100 and has already been met.  The book wll be released in June 2018.

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