James Tynion To End “Detective Comics” Run in June; Bryan Hill to Take Over

In the latest DC Comics shakeup, Bryan Hill (The Wildstorm: Michael Cray) will take over Detective Comics after James Tynion leaves this June.  This is a change many have missed after it was announced that Bendis will take over on many Superman titles and Scott Snyder will be taking over Justice League.  This change has really kept a low profile, only being alluded to on Twitter by Tynion himself.

Bryan Hill and artist Miguel Mendonca will take over for a five-issue arc in which Black Lightning will come to Gotham to help Batman train Duke and Cassandra.  Its easy to get excited for an arc like this featuring an outsiders reunion.

There has been no announcement made as to who will take over after this five-issue arc.  The arc will be titled “On the Outside” and will start with Detective Comics #982 on June 13, 2018.


Ari Bard

I am currently a Sophomore at Case Western Reserve University studying mechanical engineering. I have been in love with DC since I saw the animated series and movies in the early 2000s. I started reading comics regularly at the start of Rebirth. My favorite character is Martian Manhunter.