Plastic Man Mini Series By Simone

by Cameron Tevis
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Plastic Man is back in a big way. After appearing in Scott Snyder’s Dark Nights Metal event, he then joined Mister Terrific in the new series The Terrifics. Now he will be getting his own six-issue mini-series written by Gail Simone with art by Adriana Melo.

Gail Simone explains how her year has been creatively:

This has been a wild year for me, creatively. I’ve gotten to write so many of my bucket list characters, and here’s a character who could actually be both the list and the bucket. It’s sexy and stretchy and I’m seriously hoping it offends all the best people!

She continues to say she will be taking inspiration from her favorite run on the character by Grant Morrison and Howard Porter but she hopes to push it even further.

Plas is funny, happy and has enough star power to hold his own against the big guns. He’s not afraid of Batman, he’s not afraid of Darkseid, he’s only afraid of messing up, of going back to being the punk thug he used to be.

Simone reminds the readers that Plastic Man has been around for a long time and has inspired many other characters:

Plas is THE original humor hero jock, and I think that everyone from Lobo to the Mask to Deadpool to Harley Quinn follows a little bit in his footsteps. If you read his best stories, he’s always a little bit bawdy, a little bit messed up, and that really is my favorite kind of hero.

Plastic Man, stars Eel O’Brian, petty thug, thief and con artist. Look for the first issue June 13, 2018.

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