Review: Batman #43

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review will contain spoilers!]

Writer: Tom King

Pencils: Mikel Janin


Batman wakes up in a hospital still in a world ruled by Poison Ivy! Ivy’s mind control is everywhere, and Batman is trapped in a room guarded by Harley Quinn, Superman, Super-Man of China and Supergirl! Just how will Batman escape? And if he does–where does he go in a world ruled by Ivy?


After being knocked out by an Ivy controlled Superman in the previous issue, Batman wakes up in a hospital with very few options. Catwoman meanwhile is with Poison Ivy trying to talk some sense into her and also to keep her distracted. Batman uses Catwoman’s talk with Ivy as a way to escape with Harley Quinn. Diving out the window to the waiting Batmobile below, Batman and Quinn race off to find Ivy and attempt to end this once and for all.


I guess my only real complaint is the defeat of Poison Ivy in this issue. Here we find a super villain that finally does the unbelievable–absolute mastery over the entire planet. And yet Ivy is revealed to have done all of this out of a mix of anger and guilt over her participation in the War of Jokes and Riddles years ago. Although I did like the overall reveal, and the guilt that Ivy felt was very emotional and well done, it was just disappointing that she just suddenly gives it all up–after a talk with Harley Quinn! Batman knew that Quinn was the only one that would be able to get to Ivy, and he exploited that one weakness. I just found it frustrating that Ivy just gives up complete rule of the world so easily due to some nice words from a friend, especially with Batman being the last hero standing and ultimately beaten.


Overall this was a good read and a decent conclusion to Poison Ivy’s run. It seems that she felt so hurt from the deaths she caused in the war between Riddler and Joker that she decided to literally save everyone in the world–by taking choice away from them. Batman tells Ivy that she still can save the world, but she can’t do that necessarily until she saves herself first. It seems that  Ivy just might be taking the path to redemption judging to the conclusion we get with her. If so I’d love to see her partner with Batman and the family later on in the future!



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