Stars Say Shazam! Is a ‘Family Film’

by Rob Towsey
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Shazam! Stars Zachary Levi and Asher Angel took part in a Facebook Live Q&A for Entertainment Weekly this past Wednesday to talk about the new movie.

Angel (Who’ll be playing Billy Batson, the teenage alter ego of Levi’s adult Shazam) stated that unlike some superhero films, it’s a “family movie”

“It’s a fun, family movie and everyone’s gonna wanna watch it…What makes it unique is that it’s a family movie,” said Angel.

“In one sentence, I would say this movie is like Superman meets Big,” added Levi.

The one ongoing criticism of previous DC movie releases is that the tone has been too dark and foreboding with their storylines being far from family friendly.

I think its safe to assume that based on the source material it was unlikely that Shazam! would have been anything other than a more light-hearted movie, so I don’t expect this will come as a shock to anybody.

Shazam! is currently in production for an April 5, 2019 theatrical release.


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