Review: Motherlands #3

by Konrad Secord-Reitz
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Si Spurrier

Artist: Rachel Stott



After Tabitha took a bullet for her mother in the last issue, Sylph decides to take her to a Amoeba Hospital on String 38221001 for some R&R. As Tabitha protests the relaxation because they should be preparing to kill Bubba her mother simply replies, “mother knows best!” Using “ole reliable”, her enhanced eye, she can see that Tabitha’s aura is a mess.

Sylph takes Tabitha to a Shudderbooth to help her relax and oh does she ever enjoy it once it starts! After her alone time in the booth Tabitha tries to relax in a hot bath while talking with her mother. Quickly the conversation gets to Tabitha’s childhood and we can see just how different Sylph and Tabitha view those years.

The ever ambitious mother using everything she can to maintain her fortune and the neglected and bullied daughter trying to find some comfort from her only parent. Not exactly a good mix! We get another glimpse into their past together and it goes how you would think, cameras everywhere and when a touching moment is over and the camera turns its gaze, so does Sylph, leaving Tabitha alone. Alone in a literal mansion full of people.



While more popular nowadays, the fact that Spurrier has addressed the idea of mental health and relieving stress for healing is fantastic as it does get glossed over. It also ties into the over arching theme of Motherland which has been the mental impact that Tabitha’s mother has had on her. Also, while in a very comical way, addressing that sexual health is apart of mental health as well.

Another fantastic part to this comic is the character design. Tabitha, the protagonist, is not your typical comic heroin. Like the character Faith published by Valiant, Tabitha is a heavier set person. Because she is always drawn with a slight double chin, and with the physical strength that she has, her size makes her feel like a more realistic person which helps make the insane and other-dimensional world she inhabits a little more relatable.

Once again, I must give props to Stott for her vigilance in always having Tabitha’s facial expression be unique in every single panel.



There are no negatives worth mentioning in this issue.



Motherlands #3 is a relaxing read that will have people laughing at times and slack-jawed at others. Be sure to pick up this issue!


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