Review: Batman: White Knight #7

by Cameron Tevis
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Written and Illustrated by: Sean Murphy

Colors by: Matt Hollingsworth



Neo-Joker has attacked Gotham, Batman is locked up in Arkham Asylum and Jack Napier is beginning to have moments where he relapses into the Joker.

Batgirl and Nightwing try to understand why Batman hasn’t broken out of Arkham yet. But Batman refuses to leave because he knows that soon Napier will come to Arkham seeking his help.

When Napier does come to Batman for help, Batman agrees under one condition. Napier agrees but with a condition of his own.

Secrets are revealed as the two lead the Gotham on the mission to stop Neo-Tokyo.

Batman White Knight 7 Cover - DC Comics News

Batman White Knight 7_1 - DC Comics News


As things reach their climax, Murphy delves into the heart of each character. Batman’ s unwavering mission and integrity remain true but is only matched by how much he cares for Gotham, Nightwing, Batgirl and the others in the Bat-family.

Jack Napier may have done questionable things to get where he was, but his intentions were pure which motivates Neo-Joker to do what she does.

Finding the two work together side-by-side in this manner is an interesting and unexpected idea, despite last week’s Dark Nights Metal #6 doing the same thing for much the same reason.

Batman White Knight 7_2_3 - DC Comics NewsNegatives

My only negatives with any of this series has been the idea of two Harley Quinns. It just seems like a random added element that is just too convenient for the story. Is this a deal-breaker for the mini-series? Absolutely not! This is me nitpicking and trying to find something negative about an unexpectedly exceptional mini-series.

Batman White Knight 7_4 - DC Comics News

Batman White Knight 7_5 - DC Comics News


Another great issue of this outstanding mini-series. Murphy uses this issue to pull on some heart strings before next issues final battle with Neo-Joker.  He also manages to answer concerns as to how Batman can come out looking like a hero again, when Napier did such a great job assassinating his character.

If the next issue can give a satisfying conclusion to this story, in my opinion, this will be one of the best and unique Batman stories in the last ten years.



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