Warner Bros. Animation Offers A First Look At Death Of Superman Animated Movie

by Joseph Marcas
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The upcoming animated feature Death of Superman, based on the graphic novel of the same name from the early 90’s, has a clip available online that features interviews with the film’s creators. The clip shows off how the rest of the Justice League will be featured more prominently than in the graphic novel in this version of the story.

As the first movie of a two part story, Death of Superman will feature Superman alongside the other members of the Justice League, which include Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Flash among others, in a brutal fight with the ferocious creature comic book readers know as Doomsday, the same creature that was featured in the live action movie Batman v. Superman.

The creators of this animated feature emphasize that this movie will exhibit a very vulnerable and therefore a more human version of Superman as he grapples with a creature that is more than capable of pushing the League to its limits in Doomsday while his relationship with Lois Lane begins to change and evolve.


As you can see from the clip, one of the things that will be on full display in the movie will be the growing relationship between Superman and Lois Lane as the Man of Steel grapples with the decision to let Lois in on his true identity. The pair will be voiced by real life couple Jerry O’Connell (Sliders) and Rebecca Romijn (X-men franchise) which the films creators have touted as a very interesting dynamic that really strengthens the story telling in the movie.

This feature is scheduled to be released later this year in 2018 but the story won’t end there. After this movie, WB Animation plans on releasing the second part entitled Reign Of The Supermen, which DC faithful will remember as the story that featured Superboy, Cyborg Superman, Steel, and Eradicator, in which all four claimed to be the true Superman. How closely that film will adhere to the story from the graphic novel is yet to be determined.

That feature is scheduled to be released sometime in 2019.

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