Review: Cave Carson Has An Interstellar Eye #2

by Matthew Lloyd
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Jon Rivera

Artist: Michael Avon Oeming

Colorist: Nick Filardi



Cave, Chloe and Bartow, locked safely in Cave’s eye are hurtling through time and space.  Unbeknownst to them, their destination is a planet locked in a long-fought war that sees no end in sight.  They is seen hurtling out of the sky by fighters on one side of this unending conflict.  When Cave and company step out onto this new planet, Chloe is shocked find the inhabitants are speaking to them in English and Cave resembles the one they call the Progenitor.  So it seems, Cave has been here before in some upheaval of time travel.

While not wanting to get involved in the conflict, Cave is enchanted with some of the indigenous crystals.  The inhabitants lead Cave to the sacred cave where the crystals are found and on the way evade an attack by the opposing side.  Chloe witnesses one man give up his life voluntarily when he could’ve been saved and she can’t get her mind around these people’s way of thinking.  She confesses to having doubts about her destiny as an adventurer like her dad.  She doesn’t realize that Cave has overheard her.

Deeper in the sacred chamber, Chloe finds something that bears closer inspection.  Cave’s eye reveals that it’s a parasite emitting low level psychic energy, meaning someone else is controlling these people.



While certainly far from home, this new world Cave has stumbled onto seems to have more in common with Cave’s milieu than the psychedelic saga of Star from last issue.  It seems that Cave and Chloe will have to continue to work on their relationship, as Chloe’s doubts will have to be addressed soon.  She is perhaps feeling her royal nature calling.

Cave’s probable involvement in this world in its past is an interesting conundrum.  Not just for the time travel aspects, but it may suggest that Cave will be discovering he’s behind the parasite he’s discovered.  Despite being on another world it’s nice to see Cave back underground in the world he loves so much.  The wacky fun is here, as it should be and it’s juxtaposed against this war cleverly enough so that it’s not too heavy.



Cave’s in a different spot, weighed down by what’s transpired with Star last issue.  He’s not back to his usual self and it tips aspects of the book in a different direction.  Usually, Cave is the optimistic one with the positive view of the world.  His dismissal in assisting the people of this new world is a bit of a surprise.  His malaise seems to be allowing the plot to drive him, rather than him drive the plot.


Issue #2 of Cave Carson Has An Interstellar Eye fares better than last month’s debut.  The tone is beginning to shift back to a more familiar one and the mystery Cave is unearthing seems like the thing he needs to bring him back.  Hopefully, this also leads to Chloe finding balance in her choices.


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