[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi

Artists: Carlo Barberi, Art Thibert

Reviewed By: Derek McNeil



“END OF INNOCENCE” part one! Robin and Superboy have been to hell and back again, but this time their friendship must stand the ultimate test: the Amazo Project! Kid Amazo returns as the pieces of this deadly plan fall into place and reveal a secret that might tear apart Damian and Jon’s growing friendship.



Kid Amazo is back, but he’s shed his human host, and he’s decided that Superboy would make an ideal new host. Also, he has most of the Justice League captured, so that he can draw power from them, making him an extremely powerful threat.

Despite Damian’s snarky comments, you can tell that he truly cares for Jon.  This is shown by Damian’s refusal to let Cyborg take him to safety while Jon was still in danger.

And their bickering does add an element of humour to the story. For example, when Robin complains about how annoying Superboy is, Jon responds by sabotaging his friend’s weightlifting by placing one super-strong finger on the weights.



There’s little to complain about the story itself, but I am saddened that this is the last storyline for the title. Its conclusion next month will also be the conclusion of the series. Tomasi has hinted that we will see more of the Super Sons, but other than the Super Sons/Dynomutt crossover and a new graphic novel, nothing has been announced yet.


This series has been one of the gems of the Rebirth relaunch. Although the next issue promises to be a great conclusion to the series, I don’t look forward to the series ending. I hope DC has plans to give the duo a new monthly series in the near future.




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