Green Lantern Corps Getting A New Color In The Spectrum

by Brad Filicky
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Following the breaking of the Source Wall in Dark Nights: Metal, strange things are afoot in the DC universe. Case in point, John Stewart will take on a brand new color within the Lantern spectrum…the Ultraviolet Lantern, which will take place in the upcoming Justice League #3 (written by fan favorite Scott Snyder). According to CBR:

The issue’s official description reveals that the influence of the new ring will bring out some “ultraviolet” tendencies in the typically cool-headed Stewart, who will throw down with his Justice League teammates. It’s less clear about the ring’s origin, though it’s probably a pretty safe bet that it has something to do with the breach left in the Source Wall at the end of Dark Nights: Metal.

Speaking to CBR in the wake of Metal‘s finale, Snyder may have teased Stewart’s upcoming predicament. “[Breaking the Source Wall] means new sectors for the Green Lanterns, new rules of physics for magic, new cosmic wonder for characters like Starfire who are exploratory in space. It’s a shattering of limitations.”

Since we are not sure how long these effects will last, it is hard to say exactly how long Stewart will remain an Ultraviolet Lantern or if any other beings will take up ultraviolet rings.

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