Review: Justice League of America #29

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Writer: Steve Orlando

Pencils: Hugo Petrus



The Justice League of America continue their assault against Chronos at the dawn of time! With an almost limitless army from different eras at his command, the League is severely outnumbered! Can the Justice League of America take down Chronos? And even if the League succeeds, how will they get back to the present?


Steve Orlando continues on from issue #28 with the League battling an untold number of soldiers and warriors from different eras. Ahl– the god of superheroes who was to leave his imprint on the planet, thereby giving the inspiration for superheroes throughout time is dead. Thanks to the technology of Aztek, the League’s newest member, the team is unaffected by the god hero’s death, however the rest of the time line isn’t. Atom is injured by Chronos, and as the villain mocks Ray Palmer’s successor, Batman and Vixen attempt to strike and take the source of Chronos’ power– an hourglass. The attempt at stealing the weapon fails, but its Atom’s Ryan Choi who uses Chronos’ arrogance against him and while the villain boasts of victory Ryan shrinks down and snatches the hourglass, leaving Chronos powerless.


I have zero complaint’s about this issue. Orlando puts our heroes on the frontline of saving all of creation, and also saving the god of superheroes. Hugo Petrus’ artwork shines all over this issue as well, especially during the fight scenes in the issue. You really see the emotion for each character in great detail, which makes the reading that much better. Frost is finally getting her due as well, as in the end of the book the team decides to open up the base to work on medicines and overall better technology to benefit mankind and she’s the one to give the message to the media. Batman stands proud of Frost’s hard work and even smiles slightly. Personally I’ve definitely become a fan of Frost and hope this change stays permanent.


Overall Justice League of America #29 was a good read. The action was everywhere, the story was well told, and I actually have more respect for Chronos as a villain. Before this book I have to admit I personally placed him on one of the bottom tiers when it comes to villains of the DCU. However thanks to Steve’s outstanding writing, I’m going to have to change that perception. Any villain that can murder the god of superheroes, ruin the timeline, and command an entire army of warriors at a whim is definitely top tier!


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