Shazam Casts Adam Brody and More

by Cameron Tevis
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Three new actors have just joined the cast for Shazam. Though their roles have not officially been revealed, fans have already speculated that they are the adult versions of some of the members of the Shazam Family.


Adam Brody, who was previously cast to play Flash in the Justice League: Mortal film by George Romero before it fell apart, has been seen recently near the set in Toronto. It is believed he will play the adult Freddy Freeman.

Adam Brody - DC Comics News


Ross Butler hit up Instagram to announce he was in Toronto. Butler is most likely playing the adult version of Eugene Choi.

Ross Butler - DC Comics News


Finally, DJ Cotrona potentially rounds out the Shazam Family and is believed to be playing the adult version of Pedro Peña.

DJ Cotrona - DC Comics News


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