Henry Cavill and Christopher McQuarrie Talk Man of Steel

by Cameron Tevis
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On the set of Mission Impossible: Fallout, director Christopher McQuarrie and Henry Cavill spoke often about Man of Steel 2.

Cavill, who is a huge Superman fan would share his ideas and McQuarrie would offer his opinions back.  McQuarrie was recently offered the director seat for the upcoming Green Lantern Corps movie, but perhaps he turned it down hoping he would get a shot at working with Cavill on the sequel to Man of Steel.

McQuarrie - DC Comics News

When asked if he would direct Man of Steel 2 he replied:

They know where to find me. Nobody’s asked, but you know… If Henry asked me to, sure. Why not?

He followed that by praising Cavill’s idea for the film as a great idea.

Shazam - DC Comics News

In other Man of Steel news, Cavill has recently commented on the chances of Superman battling Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam in an upcoming film.


There’s definitely some kind of work towards that. There’s a lot of things spinning around in the Universe right now with that. Obviously if Black Adam does become a character officially, he’ll play him.

I’m pretty sure it’ll be a Shazam vs. Black Adam thing first. If it does happen, it would make sense that way. You never know. Maybe there will be a Superman movie and Shazam will come and help. That’s kind of stealing his limelight though… which is not cool.

With all the Man of Steel talk going on we can only hope the movie goes into production soon and we get to see the inspiring boy scout we have been wanting. But most of all, let’s hope Warner Bros doesn’t take the film and hack it into garbage once it’s completed.

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