Detective Comics #982 Announces New Creative Team Takeover

by Jeff Testanero
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Two comic book companies started it all in the DC Universe, Action Comics and Detective Comics. Recently, Action Comics celebrated its 1000 issue and the 80th Anniversary of the debut of Superman.  Detective Comics is closing in on that milestone with the upcoming release of Detective Comics #982.

Recently the creative team consisting of writer Brian Hill and artist Miguel Mendonca were slated to write the upcoming issue but plans at DC have changed; instead, Detective Comics #982 will no longer be covered by writer Michael Moreci and artist Sebastian Fiumara. Brian Hill and Miguel Mendonca will remain on the Detective Comics creative radar and take over the franchise starting with Detective Comics #982 and forward thru July.

Along with a change in creators, Detective Comics is beginning a brand new storyline that will start in Detective Comics #982 via Michael Moreci and Sebastian Fiumara entitled, The Cursing of Gotham City, that will revolve around the abduction of a child by a religious cult made up of the city’s homeless population.  The mystery will lead Batman to the violent and sinister world of the dangerous, Deacon Blackfire.

Bryan Hill and Miguel Mendonca will continue the story in Detective Comics #983 which will be released on June 27th.

Detective Comics #982, The Cursing of Gotham City! will be released on June 13th in comic book stores everywhere.

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