We already know that Gotham will be getting a fifth and final season, but there’s a downfall to it. In an Instagram live post, Camren Bicondova who plays Selina Kyle said that the series was only picked up for ten episodes. Well, that’s not very many episodes to wrap up the storyline. The episodes will air in January 2019. It was known that the show wouldn’t make it back for midseason, but why the shorter episodes?

Gotham needs only 12 episodes to hit the 100 episode mark which is considered the threshold for syndication. It’s not an ironclad rule, so if Gotham happens to close with only 98 episodes, it still can be syndicated. When it was announced Gotham would be getting a final season, it was also revealed that the season would be centered around  Bruce’s transformation into Batman. The show started with focusing on the early life of James Gordon, but of course, it morphed into focusing more on Bruce Wayne. Go figure.

FOX has yet to confirm the episode order so there is still a chance there could be more episodes than what Bicondova’s Instagram says. But in other related Gotham City news, the CW will be introducing Gotham City to its universe.  The crossover episodes will connect Batwoman into its canon, not to mention the upcoming Pennyworth prequel series. The series is not connected to Gotham, nor will it star Sean Pertwee sadly.

Can Gotham get all its ends together with only ten episodes? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!


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