[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Writer: Dan Abnett

Artists: Sergio Davila, Vicente Cifuentes, Brent Peeples, Matt Santorelli, Brian Ching, Nicola Scott, Max Raynor, Ben Oliver



Nightwing recruits an all new team of Titans under the orders of the Trinity themselves! Setting out to mainly recruit old allies, Nightwing finds out that some of his old friends aren’t necessarily interested in joining a team. Who does Nightwing recruit? And just why would the Justice League need a special team?


This story talks about the ramifications from the conclusion of the Dark Nights: Metal series and it’s a great start into a brilliant new direction for the team. With the Source Wall destroyed, unknown energy was sent hurtling towards Earth, causing some of the population to get strange new powers. Nightwing goes to the League to address the threat and to tell them of his intentions of dealing with it–by building a team. Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman give him permission, along with suggestions on who to recruit. It’s at this moment where we spend most of the story involving Nightwing’s recruit drive which makes for some pretty interesting results. The most interesting stories have to be Gar aka Beast Boy and also Raven as well. Beast Boy seems to have his on set of problems by having difficulties maintaining and fully controlling his shapeshifting. Nightwing promises by joining the team that he can help find a cure, however I hope as the story goes forward that he really can deliver.


I don’t have any negatives about this book. It seems that Nightwing has the full support and even admiration of the League’s Trinity, and their faith in his leadership skills with the Titans are unquestioned. After the events that unfolded when Mallah and Brain attempted to rule the planet, it seems that the League has more of an important understanding of how crucial the Titans are. I’d love to see an issue of the Titans and Justice League fighting together with Nightwing and Batman both calling out their orders to their teams!


Overall this Titans issue is a great read and I look forward to seeing how this further plays out in the next issue. I’d figure that Wally or Roy Harper would be recruited in this book, but we haven’t seen them yet. Hopefully either we see them recruited in the next issue or we can find if Nightwing had no intention of recruiting them at all.


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