CW Releases New Arrowverse Schedule For 2018-2019

by Jay
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Whether you’re a fan of The Fastest Man Alive, The Girl of Steel, The Emerald Archer, or the crew of the Waverider, or all of the above, the CW has good news for all.

The following official release from The CW is the season premiere dates for all Arrowverse shows for the 2018-2019 season, starting in October. As you can see, while some staples have retained their original schedule, some shows have been rotated on different days. As to whether this will affect ratings – given viewers without TiVo will have to work around the changes – remains to be seen. They are as follows

October 9 – The Flash (8 pm), Black Lightning (9 pm)

October 14 – Supergirl (8 pm)

October 15 – Arrow (8 pm)

October 22 – DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (8 pm)

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