DC Universe’s “Swamp Thing” Producers Reveal More Characters

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DC Universe’s new TV project, Swamp Thing, is slowly coming together. As previously reported, the series will revolve around both the budding romance between main characters Alec Holland and Abby Arcane, as well as the mystery surrounding the unusual swamp surroundings and its titular hero. Now details have been released about one of the main antagonists, and what casting directors are looking for.

The production team is reportedly looking for his portrayer to be “[in their] late 40s and 50s in the mold of Laurence Fishburne or Jeff Goldblum.” By that description, it is speculated but not confirmed that the villain of the season will be Swamp Thing’s arch-nemesis, Dr. Anton Arcane. However, one character that has been indeed confirmed is that of Matt Cable, described as “the sheriff of the town and former high school sweetheart of Abby Arcane. A good guy with anger issues.”

Both Cable and Arcane appeared in the initial issues of the first volume of Swamp Thing, co-created by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson. Cable appeared in the first issue as a government agent charged with protecting Holland and his wife, Linda, as he worked on research that was initially solely responsible for his tragic transformation into Swamp Thing. Arcane would appear in the second issue as a Dr. Moreau-esque character obsessed with immortality, even if it meant deceiving Swamp Thing with the promise of a cure for his condition to gain his confidence.

In other media, Cable’s gender would be swapped and portrayed by Adrienne Barbeau in the 1981 Wes Craven adaptation. Louis Jordan was the first to portray Arcane in both the original film and its 1989 sequel The Return of Swamp Thing and was the man directly responsible for Holland’s tragedy. This motif carried over to the 1990’s television series for the USA network, with Arcane portrayed by Mark Lindsay Chapman. Before his passing, Swamp Thing co-creator Len Wein’s return run on the book with artist Kelley Jones brought back Cable friend-turned-villain obsessed with stealing Holland’s powers.

Swamp Thing is slated to premiere on the DC Universe in early 2019.

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