[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Dan Jurgens

Artist: Mike Perkins



Following the events of Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corp #50 & No Justice #1, this cryptic issue opens on Kada Sal meditating his will out into the universe to find tranquility. While meditating he finds he is not alone, someone is out there, something serious enough that Kada Sal regards as dangerous enough to only name as “Him.”


In Sector 0811, John Stewart stretches his legs with a little investigation. A distress signal was sent out by a ship and by the time Stewart arrives the ship is desolate. Some type of large plasma attacks totally devastated the ship and wiped out all life. More curiously is that the ring cannot detect the origin of the ship or the species that piloted it.

Across the universe, on planet Nideesi Lanterns Kilowog and Gardner speak with the High Priestess for she warns of a coming threat. They are interrupted though by the planet’s greatest warrior who is near dead coming with a warning of his own.

Back on Earth, Baz,, Cruz and Rayner are dancing and enjoying their time when a training session comes up and they need to leave, to Jessica’s dismay. But, that is what it means to be a Lantern, constant vigilance and preparation. When they arrive back on Mogo they find the whole planet to be in a heavy storm and the buildings start to give way.

What evil force is making it’s way into the universe? Where has it come from if it can destroy a battleship without a trace? And what could possibly cause Mogo to have a storm which risks tearing the Green Lantern headquarters down!?


Before anything else, the colorful, yet dark and shadowy detailed art of Perkins was thrilling. It felt dark and creepy contrasted against the previous artist on the series. At first this felt off putting, but by the end of the first page it became clear that Perkins has nailed the feeling of the issue and brought readers into the horroresque situation the Lanterns find themselves in.

Every character looks amazing, every wrinkle and details in their faces showing in gritty detail that boarders on stylized and realism. Kilowog and Gardner in particular stand out for this. Also of important note is the amazing environmental drawings throughout the issue. Whether it’s an explosion of ships, the desolate Nideesi, or cityscapes on Earth, the level of detail is beautiful.

Jurgens also bring on the intensity in his writing. In true horror fashion we get glimpses and hints but never an answer. Through out the issue, there are constant moments of the characters going from comfort and understanding to the unknown and being out of their element. Above all, the whispers that Jessica’s ring gives her are unsettling and creepy.


There are no negatives worth mentioning in this issue.



Green Lanterns #50 is a fantastic issue that breaks away from the buddy-cop drama style that this series has had. The writing and art in this book are fabulous!  Definitely pick this one up!



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