[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]


“Endurance, part 1”

Writer: Jimmy Palmiotti

Artists: Tom Derenick, Trevor Scott

Colors: Stephen Downer



In chapter one of the two-part “Endurance”, the Daily Planet sends Clark Kent to Tornado Alley to do a story on the area, but when the storm hits, it turns out that this mild-mannered reporter is more helpful as Superman.



This was a wonderful beginning to this stand-alone Superman story.  We got to see a bit of his relationships with both Lois Lane and Perry White, which is nice for new readers.  The story wasn’t too heavy and didn’t rely on past knowledge of other characters, as Palmiotti gave us all the information we needed to know.

Seeing Superman handle something natural like a tornado is a breath of fresh air.  No big aliens or supervillains, just Mother Nature doing what she does, and Clark has to deal with that.  It also gives readers a more intimate look at his character and how he interacts with other people.  I’m fascinated to see what happens in part 2, and Palmiotti’s storytelling is what truly hooked me into wanting more.

The art in this book was spectacular.  Everything was just perfect, from the line work and beautiful colors, to the facial expressions and panel layout.  This is a story that is sure to bring in new readers.  And with that, I like that they chose to follow this one with another Superman book, Superman/Batman from 2003.  Just like with the Teen Titans Giant issue, it’s a good idea to pair the new story with something similar from an older series, and this works perfectly, as it gives readers a bigger story with actually supervillains to juxtapose the new one.

I also loved that they decided to include the 2005 Green Lantern relaunch, as this character doesn’t get nearly the amount of love that he deserves.  New readers get to see Hal Jordan’s origin, giving them a great jumping on point for one of my personal favorite characters in the DC pantheon.  And finally, adding a book from the New Age of DC Heroes like The Terrifics is a perfect way to broaden the horizons of new and old readers alike.  It has a Fantastic Four kind of feel, so it may even draw in some Marvel readers as well.



This is such a great starting story for this on-going giant-sized book, with superb writing and gorgeous art.  The only “negative” I have is that I wish the new Superman story was a full-sized issue instead of only 12 pages, but it’ll just keep me in suspense until next month’s issue.



Overall, Superman Giant #1 is a book that everyone should pick up.  Whether you’re a new reader or a seasoned vet, this will be a great read for all and brings something fun for everyone!


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