Artists Give Insight into DC Vertigos Sandman Relaunch Covers

by Rob Towsey
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DC Vertigo have released the variant cover images for the relaunch of arguably their flagship comic book series Sandman.

The new Sandman universe will be a one-shot set after the original series and will feature all four series writers and art by Bilquis Evely, setting up for an ongoing series.

  • House of Whispers will be by Nalo Hopkinson and Dominike Stanton, and will be about a sister house to the House of Mystery and House of Secrets.
  • The Books of Magic, by Kat Howard and Tom Fowler, will continue the story of Timothy Hunter from the original series.
  • The Dreaming, by Si Spurrier and Evely, will be about supporting cast from Sandman searching for the missing Dream.

Take a look at the variant covers for the Sandman Universe one-shot below with bonus comments by the cover artists themselves:


Jill Thompson

Sandman was a turning point in my comics career, It will always be one of the most important pieces of comic storytelling that I was able to contribute to. I love that I was able to build a little bit on the endless mythos and bring some whimsy to this Universe! Collaborating with Neil Gaiman has been and will continue to be, appropriately, a dream!”


Sam Kieth

“Ever since I left my work on The Sandman, I’ve always been tempted to sneak back and do one more piece for Neil. I considered maybe a portfolio piece or some pin-up. Years passed and I had to move on, and then lo and behold, the amazing DC Vertigo editor Molly Mahan popped into my life (and e-mail), asking if I’d be interested in drawing this cover for the Sandman Universe. And so, I presume, both Neil and Molly granted my secret wish and brought a compassionate sliver of my Sandy closure”.


Craig Russell

“Neil Gaiman’s Sandman stories have been a part of my creative life since the early ’90s when Neil first sent me the script, with its ‘Arabian Nights’ setting, to Sandman #50. From there to the 18th century Italy of Death and Venice and then the Japanese fairy-tale setting of The Dream Hunters and numerous illustrations sprinkled throughout, it’s always been a delight to be asked to contribute to the Sandman mythos.”


David Mack

“I’ve very much enjoyed working with Neil Gaiman and his characters on many other projects (covers to American Gods, our prints with Neverwhere), and it is a joy to create a cover for Sandman. In January 1993, I attended my first big New York comic con and I showed my work to then Vertigo editor Shelly Bond. She looked at my work and told me that maybe I should work on Sandman with her. I was just starting out, we had a great conversation, and she gave me her number to keep in touch.”

“I was so energized by the creative vibe of the convention experience, that on the ride back from New York, I began writing a personal story that would become my own creator-owned series Kabuki, which I was immersed in for the next several years. But I’ve often thought how cool it would have been to work on a Sandman project with Neil sometime. And now, 25 years later, I have turned in my very first Sandman cover for this series.”

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