Writer Rob Williams Prepares For Suicide Squad #50 Conclusion

by Kevin Sharp
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Rob Williams’ run on Suicide Squad — which began back at the onset of DC’s Rebirth — will end later this year with issue #50. Still to come are an August crossover with Aquaman, which takes the Squad to the streets of Atlantis, and will see Williams team with fellow Brit-writer Dan Abnett.

First, though, this week’s issue #44 wraps up the “Constriction” storyline that saw both Batman and Captain Cold appear.

Rob Williams Suicide Squad #50 dc comics news

Newsarama talked to Williams about “Constriction,” the upcoming Aquaman crossover, and what readers might expect from the end of his Squad run. He said,

“I’m trying to tie together some of the threads that I’ve left dangling throughout the Rebirth run. Hopefully by the end, there’s not many things that have been left unanswered along the way. If you’ve read the run all the way through and you’ve enjoyed it, you’ll find our ending quite satisfying. There will be things that you’ll recognize. That’s a little cryptic, but I hope people will enjoy what’s coming.”

You can read the entire interview HERE.

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