[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]
Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Xermanico
Colors: J. Nanjan
As Red Lantern Hal Jordan joins Starro The Conqueror and the rest of the Red Lantern Corps on their way to destroy Oa, Lobo and the Titans are recruited to protect Blue Beetle at all costs in the hopes of stopping Starro and saving the universe.
The opening is great.  The way Hal Jordan deals with his rage and then tries to break from the control of Starro The Conqueror and the Red Lantern Corps only to be met with serious resistance from the Guardians and the Green Lantern Corps upon his arrival at Oa is amazing.  Hal has all of the best intentions in warning and saving Oa, but his rage gets the best of him when the Guardians attempt to contain him.  The reader can really feel Hal’s rage as he uses the red power to create a construct in order to defend himself, which proves why Hal Jordan is the greatest Lantern of them all, no matter what color power ring he wears.
The discussion between Sinestro and his daughter, Soranik, whom is now a Green Lantern, while in prison is very deep especially when he tells her that despite wearing a yellow ring he would defend her at all costs.
The finial panels in the issue where Blue Beetle is made aware that only he can defeat Starro and stop the Red Lanterns from destroying the entire universe is a great way to build to what can only be an epic battle in Injustice 2 #31, especially with the Titans, Superman, Lobo and the whole Green Lantern Corps aiding him in his quest. Booster Gold is “money” as usual.
The storyline in this issue did seem a little rushed.  Unlike other issues of Injustice 2, this one didn’t have that “oh I need to keep reading” vibe to it.  The closing kind of came up fast, as you begin to enjoy Red Lantern Hal Jordan and his meeting with the Green Lantern Corps at Oa, *BOOM*, the reader is back to Blue Beetle and Lobo.
This issue helped the main story progress, but was kind of a “throw away” issue compared to others in this series.  More Hal Jordan, Starro The Conqueror and the Red Lantern Corps would have been awesome, but it was an otherwise good book, not a great book, but a good book.

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