‘Shazam!’ Is The Next Step In The Evolution of DC Films

by Jeff Testanero
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That is what all of the kids will be yelling in 2019.  Shazam! is set to be released in April of 2019, not long after the big screen arrival of Aquaman in December this year, and boy did the production crew of Shazam! have a lot of great things to say about the film.

According to producer Peter Safran, Shazam! is the next step in the evolution of the DCEU and superhero movies in general.  In a recent interview with EW, Safran calls Shazam!:

“The next stop in the evolution of the DC brand…You had Wonder Woman, then Aquaman (coming Dec. 21) is another big step, then comes Shazam!-all different movies, but all have a unique tone that moves away from the darkness of the prior DC movies”

The film’s star, Zachary Levi, added his own comments concerning the movie and the hero he is playing on the big screen:

“It’s completely wish-fulfillment–if you scour all of DC and Marvel there are very few characters that are actually stoked to be a superhero.  They’re not brooding, they’re not put out, like ‘Oh dammit, I gotta save the world again!’ Billy Batson is like Peter Parker, they’re thrilled to have these powers and can’t wait to try them out”

No matter what, Shazam! is about to hit the box office hard and be an instant classic as this will be the “breath of fresh air” that the DCEU needs for itself and its fans.

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