Review: Future Quest Presents #12: Frankenstein Jr. (FINAL ISSUE)

by Tony Farina
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Jeff Parker

Artist: Alain Mauricet

Inker: Hi-Fi



In this final issue, Buzz and Frankie are pulled into action to stop a F.E.A.R. monster. Remember Man-Bat? Well, imagine him 50 feet tall and on the loose.  Buzz and Frankie work together to outsmart the monster because that is what heroes do.


As far as last issues go, this is one is a tribute to everything Jeff Parker wanted to do with Future Quest. I think the series just works better with him at the helm. No offense to the other writers on this limited, run, but Parker simply has the sensibility this book needs. This book, about a boy and his pet robot, is just delightful. We do not have to think too hard. The adults only really talk about the boy. It is a book for kids.

Hi-Fi is maybe the best inker in the game. I never know if Miller is doing to work or if it is a member of the Hi-Fi team, but man, this is done just right. Soft where it needs to be, bright where it needs to be. Everything Mauricet does is accentuated perfectly by Hi-Fi.


This book, when seen through the eyes of a cynic (admittedly I am one most of the time), is really just a bunch of over-the-top platitudes about the ingenuity of children. While that seems like a problem, it is totally intentional so it works on many levels. If you do not want your comic book to give you a hug, do not read this book.



This is an excellent send off. It is nostalgia filled without being saccharine sweet. It is action packed while staying rated G. It is a love letter to childhood. It is a comic that is kind of out of place in this day and age. Readers of Gotham Academy most likely loved this, and like that title, they will lament its ending.


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