Justice League vs. The Fatal Five Animated Film Announced

by Joshua Raynor
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The Justice League will face a group of supervillains with the power to rival even the world’s greatest superheroes in Justice League vs. The Fatal Five, a DC Universe Animated Original Movie releasing in 2019.

Announced during San Diego Comic-Con, the animated movie will pit the Justice League again the Fatal Five, a group of villains more closely associated with the Legion of Super-Heroes.

The Fatal Five have appeared in episodes of Justice League Unlimited and the Legion of Superheroes animated series, but with the Legion missing from DC Comics’ publishing line, the villainous fivesome haven’t been seen in some time, with the exception of Emerald Empress, who was featured in the recent Justice League vs. Suicide Squad event series.

The Fatal Five were created by Jim Shooter in 1967 and first appeared in Adventure Comics #352. The original members are:

  • Tharok, a small-time crook turned super-genius thanks to cybernetic implants installed after a robbery job literally blows up in his face.
  • The Emerald Empress, who wields the immense power of the Emerald Eye of Ekron.
  • Validus, the child of two founding members of the Legion of Super-Heroes, Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl, whom Darkseid kidnapped, sent backward in time and transformed into a monstrous being with a mind simply enough to be easily controlled by Emerald Empress mind-influencing abilities.
  • Mano, who has an anti-matter touch and is considered one of the greatest murderers in the galaxy.
  • The Persuader, who wields an atomic ax capable of cutting through anything.

DC Comics fans will likely wonder if Justice League vs. The Fatal Five could stealthily introduce the Legion of Super-Heroes into the continuity of the DCUA. The team was not mentioned in the announcement, so fans will just have to wait and see for now.

Justice League vs. The Fatal Five is one of four new DCUA movies releasing in 2019, along with Reign of the Supermen, Batman: Hush, and Wonder Woman: Bloodlines.

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Justice League vs. The Fatal Five releases in spring 2019.

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