Review: Mera: Queen of Atlantis #6 (FINAL ISSUE)

[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Dan Abnett

Artists: Lan Medina & Norm Rapmund

Colorist: Veronica Gandini



Ocean Master means murder! Aquaman’s half-brother Orm continues his under-water power play with his sights set on Xebel, the watery kingdom nestled deep within the Bermuda Triangle. Will Mera’s home become Ocean Master’s domain? It’s mano-a-Mera when the Mighty Mermaid duels Orm in the finest royal tradition, with her ward Tula forced to marry the evil Nereus if she loses. Don’t miss this finale to the six-issue miniseries, which flows directly into AQUAMAN #38 this month!



The cover by Nicola Scott and Romulo Fajardo Jr. is cool. The Xebel warriors all attacking Mera with sharks is an eye catching image. I also like the texture of the water and how it is lighter around Mera but darker around everyone else.

The interior art is solid. The characters are all expressive and distinct. There is obviously a lot of water combat and that all looks amazing. There’s a lot of creativity in that. Gandini’s colors are also really strong.

The fight between Mera and Orm takes up most of the issue and it’s a good fight scene. Abnett paces it well and it’s just fun to see these two characters go at it. They’re both so powerful and a lot can be done with their powers.

I like how Ocean Master’s story plays out. There is something sad about it but I’m glad there are consequences for his actions. I honestly expected him to turn back to Mera’s side at the last minute and throw the fight. I didn’t expect Mera to arrest him which is what he deserves. That was a fun turn of events.


There are no negatives worth mentioning in this issue.



This is a great issue. I really enjoyed this mini-series and it ends on a pretty good note. The art is pretty and engaging. The issue is mostly a giant action scene but it is a a creative one that allows the artists to show off and have some fun which is nice. I recommend checking the entire mini-series out.

Sean Blumenshine

I am currently a senior at Wichita State University studying communications. I started reading comics in 2013 because of how much I loved Man of Steel and season one of Arrow. My favorite hero is the Green Arrow and my favorite villain is the Joker.