Courtney Whitmore Casting Begins in ‘Stargirl’ TV Series

by Shaina Lucas
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It was revealed by Omega Underground that casting had begun for the new Stargirl TV series. It is now known that Wildcat will appear on the series. Stargirl will be available via the DC streaming service once it’s released.

Some audition tapes are out for the lead role of Courtney Whitmore by Sienna Hubert-Ross and Olivia McKown. The tapes confirm that Wildcat will appear alongside Courtney in school. It is also known that Doctor Mid-Nite, Hourman, and the entirety of the Justice Society of America is a part of this universe. It’s still unknown however if it will be the same Justice Society that appeared in Legends of Tomorrow.

Check out the audition tapes below! Are you excited about this upcoming series?

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