DC Nation #4 is on its way and will land in comic book stores on September 5th.  With the issue so close to its release, DC has revealed the contents of the next issue.

The latest issue of DC Nation will showcase and in-depth look at HEROES IN CRISIS which features an insight on post-traumatic stress syndrome with an insight from a leading psychologist.

The issue will also have an interview with new Wonder Woman writer G. Willow Wilson, an interview with Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp where they talk about The Green Lantern, Dan DiDio speaks on the latest Sideways, and a new look at the developments in Justice League: Odyssey.


Also featured is a great section that compares and contrasts Action Comics and Superman from writer Brian Michael Bendis for DC Comics, a profile of Crush from Teen Titans and a very detailed look at comics set to arrive at local shops in October in the DIRECT CURRENTS section.

DC Nation #4 arrives at your local independent shop on September 5th

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