Sideshow Collectibles has just revealed new images for their Doomsday Marquette that is sure to make every collector jump for joy.

The marquette stands at 26.5″ tall and stands upon a rubble environment base that shows the destruction and devastation that only the destroyer Doomsday can deliver.  The base is littered with relics from fallen heroes such as: Wonder Woman’s sword, Aquaman’s trident, Batman’s cowl with a number of batarangs embedded into his chest and shoulders.  In his right hand, Doomsday clutches the tattered remains of Superman’s cape.

The cape includes internal wiring for posing and can be removed from the figure.  On Doomsday’s left hand is a force-fit Green Lantern ring.  His body is covered in numerous jagged spikes and rough textures as his hulking physique presents an aura of otherworldliness that is a perfect representation of the Doomsday monster.

This Doomsday Marquette (priced at $1250) is the perfect portrayal of the devastation and utter power that the monster is known for and is the perfect addition to any figure collection.

Head over to Sideshow Collectibles to get a closer look at the this remarkable figure and to place your pre-order.

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