Review: Cave Carson Has an Interstellar Eye #6

by Matthew Lloyd
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Jon Rivera

Art: Michael Avon Oeming

Colors: Nick Filardi

Letters: Clem Robins



The long-missing Bulldozer Smith and his lemur, Lena, have just appeared out of nowhere to seemingly save Cave and team only to turn them over to the King.  Apparently, there’s been this bounty on Cave’s head and Bulldozer has managed to snare Cave.  However, Cave, Chloe and Dr. Bartow still don’t really know what it’s all about.

After they are delivered to the king they are almost immediately turned over to his son, Prince Elium.  The Prince tells Cave and team his story, remember, now, the Prince looks sort of like a giant space jellyfish.  The Prince and his father liked to jet around the edge of the universe, and they would often meet people who were lost.  These lost folk would stick around and finally they built the habitable ring around Elium.  The Prince also found he could reconstitute people who had died.  This is how Elium brought Star Adam back from his apparent demise.

One day, one of the meteors that normally bounced off the Prince, penetrated inside of him and remained lodged there.  The meteor began making Elium sick.  The Prince and his dad were big fans of Cave Carson’s podcast and Elium even sent in a question for Cave to answer.  This gave the Prince the idea that Cave who knew so much about rocks could probably figure out a way to get rid of the meteor inside of him.  Thus, the bounty went out on Cave’s head.

Cave is all for helping Elium, and he tries to enlist Bulldozer Smith, but Bulldozer wants nothing to do with.  Cave, Dr. Bartow and Chloe work out a plan to penetrate the meteor and place a special bomb that would break up the meteor, but not damage the Prince.  As they commence their effort, Cave is set upon by some creatures that live in the meteor.  Cave has trouble moving forward, and finally, Bulldozer comes to the rescue, having been read the riot act by Chloe just prior to the team stating the operation to save the Prince.  Cave gets the opening he need, but it apparently comes at the cost of his life.

Remember, Elium has some unique powers….  This leaves a reborn Cave who’s come to terms with his life and with a child who has finally come to terms with her dad.  Oh, and they’ve got that planet they’ve been dragging around with them.  Meet New Muldroog and their ruler- Chloe Carson.  Now, what to do with it…!



Since Young Animal began it’s first Cave Carson series, Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye, the relationship between Cave and Chloe has been at the center.  It is only fitting that this series brings a sense of resolution between the two.  When Chloe confronts Bulldozer, it is gratifying to see her stand up for her father.  Way back in Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye #1, Chloe was no fan of Cave.  Now, having fought and adventured side by side with her father, Chloe sees him in a new light.  It’s a wonderful moment to see Chloe dressed in Cave’s clothes when she believes her father is dead.

Bringing Cave’s knowledge of rocks back to the center of the crisis in this issue perfectly melds the outer space sci fi with the underground sci fi that’s been missing from Cave Carson Has an Interstellar Eye.  It finally makes sense as to why Cave is out there in space. Something that’s been fairly subtle throughout this series is the pseudo-science that tries to explain how the team accomplishes certain feats.  This is an enjoyable throwback to the types of stories from the ’50’s and ’60’s.

Knowing this is the end of this incarnation of Cave Carson for a while, the final resolution is satisfying.  Cave’s sojourn in space has not always felt congruent with the character, but this issue wraps it up magnificently.  The prospect of Chloe leading the Muldroog on a new world is a an exciting prospect I hope comes to pass.



There are no negatives to this issue.  It resolves magnificently and it never feels rushed.  It satisfies!



There can’t be any reason not to finish up this series if you’ve been here all along.  If you haven’t been sure about this series, then this series will read excellently in a single sitting.  So go to your comic shop and get all 6 issues.  The conclusion to Chloe and Cave’s character arc is touching and complete.


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