Review: Aquaman #39

by Cameron Tevis
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writers: Dan Abnett, Rob Williams

Artists: Joe Bennett, Vicente Cifuentes

Colors: Adriano Lucas

Letters: Steve Wands



Mera is now Queen and Atlantis has risen to the surface. The re-surfacing of Atlantis has caused nations throughout the world to feel uneasy, particularly the U.S. While Mera plans on meeting with ambassadors to cool any building tensions, Aquaman meets with Murk with concerns that a covert operation might take place against Atlantis.

Aquaman’s concerns are soon realized when Murk gets word that the Suicide Squad are making a move against Atlantis.

Aquaman leads a team of his own to intercept the Squad and find out who sent them.

Aquaman 39_1 - DC Comics News


This is an action-packed issue that has a really cool concept. Having the Suicide Squad sent by the U.S government to end the potential threat of Atlantis is very interesting and makes good use of the DC Universe as a whole. This storyline could’ve just as easily been written with just a regular black ops team. But making it the Suicide Squad not only makes it more exciting but make the DC Universe as a whole that much more cohesive.

To top it off, the banter of the Suicide Squad is entertaining.

Aquaman 39_2-3 - DC Comics News


I like the idea of Mera as Queen, however, I don’t like what is being done with her already. From the first two pages, she comes across as an arrogant leader that doesn’t see handling the threat of the world nations as serious issue. Then later, she confronts Aquaman and sounds like the power is getting to her. Her dialogue would be appropriate if she said it to Aquaman in front of others to not show weakness in the role she has been given. But for her to speak to him like that in private shows me that she isn’t a good leader.  And worst of all, the love between Aquaman and Mera that made them so great together is no longer present. Now I don’t know if any of this is to set up a future arc, but if it isn’t then I think they have lost what makes Mera such a great character.

Aquaman 39_4 - DC Comics News


Despite a couple minor concerns, this was a fun, action-packed issue. I’m looking forward to seeing how the world, either, accepts or rejects the newly risen Atlantis. But before that,  I’m excited to see the team that Aquaman puts together to counter the Suicide Squad which continues in Suicide Squad #46.


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