Tom Taylor Bids Farewell to “Injustice 2”

Tom Taylor, the long-time writer of the Injustice and Injustice 2 tie-in comics recently released a letter bidding farewell to the series.

He described how he first learned about the series and the gut-wrenching feeling he had when he learned that Superman would turn evil saying,

“Hearing those words was a punch in the gut, I did what any man would do in my position. I complained to my wife, Megan, and then I called my mum and I complained some more. And then, I said I’d do it.”

Taylor has written comics for the Injustice universe almost non-stop since 2012, but he took a brief haitus in 2015 to focus on The Deep, his comic book animated series.  Taylor’s last weekly issue already came out, but a 40-page annual is scheduled to be released in November.  Taylor also left open the possiblity of a return to the universe.  You can see the whole letter below:

Ari Bard

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