What’s Going On With Oscar Isaac And The Batman Movie?

by Joseph Marcas
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Online reports are stating that Oscar Isaac has been approached to play the role of a yet undisclosed character in the upcoming The Batman movie. These reports fueled fan speculation that Isaac would be playing the Dark Knight himself.

Over the last few days, online sources began reporting on a rumor that Oscar Isaac was in talks with Warner Bros to play a role in the next Batman movie directed by Matt Reeves. Considering that we don’t know what is going on with Ben Affleck after his disheartening personal issues became public, it’s very odd to hear about casting rumours for the movie when announcements are few and far between.

As these rumours began to circulate throughout the internet, Umberto Gonzalez (founder of Heroic Hollywood) took to Twitter to try to clear up somethings before things got out of hand. Gonzalez believes that a meeting has not taken place between Isaac and WB and the actor has made no public comments about his involvement or lack thereof with the project.

Check out rhis tweet from Gonzalez:

It kind of makes sense that Isaac may not of had a meeting with WB execs considering that there is no script for The Batman (he’s also very busy with some other big blockbuster you may have heard about). It would be rather odd for an actor to commit to a role he/she is not under contract to perform in without at least taking a look at a script.

Another note to keep in mind about this story is that it is possible that Isaac is being considered for the role of Batman, or some other character, but the studio just isn’t ready to announce anything at this point. However, lack of information always leads to speculation and DC fans just couldn’t help themselves as you will see in the following image.

Usually when these rumours spread, some fans take to photoshop or other artistic mediums to offer what they think the character will look like. In the case of this rumour, BossLogic offered a few images of the actor as Bruce Wayne as well as the Dark Knight in full cape and cowl. Check it out below:

A couple of interesting things to note on this story as well is the fact that Isaac will be turning 40 early next year. The reason I bring that up is because it has also been reported that The Batman might take place early on in the Dark Knight career with a younger actor filling in the role if it’s not going to be Affleck. Isaac, who is of Guatemalan and Cuban heritage, would also become the first Latino actor to portray the Caped Crusader on the big screen.

Given the disorderly production surrounding The Batman since the project was announced, it’s possible to sympathize with those DC Faithful out there who are looking for some good news regarding this movie. However, it’s important to take all these rumours with a little bit of skepticism – at least until we have some official confirmation from the studios themselves..

Image courtesy of comicbook.com

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