Exclusive Interview: Artist Sean Anderson brings a unique style of DC to life!

by Damian Fasciani
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From time to time through our social channels we come across unique and very talented artwork from DC fans across the world. As a fan based site, we deeply appreciate and respect how much passion and time goes into bringing our favourite DC characters to life through different forms, styles, and personas. Last month through our official instagram account, I came across the work from artist Sean Anderson and was impressed with his unique style. I reached out to him and we were lucky enough to grab some of his time in this interview which you should all enjoy.

1 Damian Fasciani (DC Comics News). Sean Anderson, thanks for speaking with us at DC Comics News. We noticed your artwork on Instagram and loved it. Introduce yourself to our fans, where do you come from and what inspired you to get into art?

Sean Anderson (SA) Hi, I’m Sean, and I make foil art prints, water colors, and full color drawings on sketch covers that I sell online and at cons all over the US.


2 (DF). Your artwork is quite unique, what is the creative process you go through to decide and bring an idea to life?

(SA) Every piece I make is different.  Sometimes I have a design motif in mind and pick a character that fills it, other times I have a character in mind and I figure out what a good design to pattern around it.
I do follow two personal rules:
1. Mostly no black outlines around my subjects.
2. It can’t look like just a photograph was taken of the character.  The second rule is harder, but basically, I need to add ‘artistic’ elements to any piece I make. 


3 (DF). Your artwork on Instagram is quite diverse, being a DC Fan site we are particularly interesting in that world, when it comes to DC characters do you prefer to illustrate particular characters and if so why?

(SA)Flash and Green Lantern utilize my artistic strength in showing power and energy.  I mean, Flash is just a running red guy with lightning surrounding him.  That’s fun to draw!


4 (DF). Your coloring is brilliant, your pieces almost bring a unique story to each one. If you were to pick your top 3 DC pieces that you’re most proud of, what would they be?

Harley Quinn


Justice League


Superman Cover


5(DF). Who’s your favorite DC Villain and Hero? Why?

(SA)For heroes, it would be Brian Azzarello’s New 52 Wonder Woman.  I never realized how cool Wonder Woman was for being compassionate and a real badass at the same time.  A God of War who openly displays her heart.  That’s real strength!
As for villains, when Bane is done right, he’s a brutish-looking overly muscular character who’s biggest strength is his intellect!  How dope is that?!  Lex Luthor in Superman: Red Son is also very compelling (especially imagining what he would be like without Superman). 


6 (DF). How long have you been illustrating for?

(SA) In 2009, on the way to my honeymoon, I picked up a ‘Making Graphic Novels for dummies’ book at a Barnes and Noble.  From there, I made a graphic novel and presented it at my first comic con in 2011. From there, I started making art prints, doing the con circuit, and picking up freelance gigs.


7 (DF). Do you attend any cons to showcase your work, if so which ones so our fans around the world can see your work?

(SA) I go to shows all over the US.  I usually do around 12 a year.  The regulars are C2E2, Boston Comic Con, San Diego Comic Con, Awesome Con DC, Baltimore Comic Con, and Motor City Comic Con.  The rest is usually cities I haven’t been to yet.


8 (DF). How can our fans see your work and purchase it online?

(SA)You can follow me on Facebook or on instagram .  Just message me if there’s a particular print you’re interested in or if you want a commission.


9 (DF). Do you have any comic book artists that inspire you? If so who?

(SA) Joe Quesada is probably my number 1.  He’s a master of design and composition and a lot of his elements seep into my work.  I remember reading his tips in making a cover stand out in an old Wizard Magazines.  Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba are awesome at simplistic and stylistic storytelling.  I also dig the retro styles of Francesco Francavilla and Phil Noto.  Lastly, I’m obsessed with James Jean and his Fables covers.


10 (DF). How long does it take you from start to finish to bring your artwork to life? Is the hand creation process very different from the digital process?

(SA)The hand created stuff (water colors and markers) definitely take a lot longer than the digital art.  In fact, I usually plan out my hand art on the computer to make sure the colors and compositions are where I want them before I lay them down on paper.  But you don’t have to be as precise with them.  When I make digital art, everything has to be looked at closely, and cleaned up.  So, there can be a bit of a trade-off in time.  I would estimate that it takes around 5-6 hours to work on most things.

Let us know what you think of his artwork, and don’t forget to follow him on social media.

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