Every writer and artist has their own takes on classic characters, and when The Green Lantern #1 launches this fall, Grant Morrison will be no different.

Alongside artist Liam Sharp, Grant Morrison will expand the abilities of the power rings worn by members of the Green Lantern Corps.  Morrison will incorporate a variety of abilities and powers outside of creating the iconic energy constructs.

Morrison recently told DC Nation magazine:

“[The ring] doesn’t just make constructs, its a magical wishing ring to a certain extent, and it can do almost anything.  There’re different kinds of rays, and different kinds of things that it can do, that doesn’t necessarily rely on making three-dimensional constructs”

The Green Lantern rings have displayed powers beyond the energy constructs.  The original Green Lantern, created by Alan Scott in the Golden Age, had a ring with a variety of abilities that included: shrinking objects, walking through walls and the ability to turn invisible.

No word yet on if the new powers will come from the release of the Invisible Emotional Spectrum that is currently loose in Justice League and around the multiverse but it shouldn’t be a surprise if that is the explanation behind the new powers of the rings.

The Green Lantern #1 will hit bookstores on November 7th.

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