In only six issues, there is no doubt that the new Justice League series, written by Scott Snyder, is one fate-major highlight on the new slate of stories over at DC Comics.

From Luthor’s mysterious doorknob to an all-powerful “Totality” beyond the now fallen Source Wall, to seven unknown forces inside the multiverse, Justice League has unraveled many mysteries involving DC’s best heroes, and it’s worse villains.

Wait, a doorknob?

Yes, a doorknob that, as explained by Snyder, fell to Earth during the same event seen in Justice League #1 as it traveled thru time.  A doorknob that, if Luthor gets control of it, would be able to re-shape the multiverse into any perverse vision that the villain can imagine.


“The idea is essentially that the doorknob Lex has is a fragment of the Totality.  So as the totality races toward Earth at the very beginning of issue #1, it was phasing through time, because it was moving an erratic and fast pattern that was beyond, like, the laws of physics.”

Snyder explained in a recent interview with Newsarama:

“And as it was about to hit Earth, because it was phasing through time, some garments broke off and left close of itself, or pieces of itself, throughout history.  So the idea is that Vandal Savage picked up the trail of one of these things, and then Lex picked it up from this mysterious Legionnaires Clube that precedes the Legion of Doom.  An this thing is actually a part of the whole of the Totality itself.  And so it has this connection to it where he can feel the power of the Totality itself and feel the connection and can harness some of it if he gets close enough to it.  All of those forces that he’s trying to capture are soft of reflected in this small piece of it.”

But that isn’t all…DC fans all know about the emotional spectrum and the speed force, however, Snyder has brought in the Invisible Emotional Spectrum and Still Force from beyond the wall; Snyder has also mentioned that there will be opposites to Wonder Woman’s “Force of Divinity” and Aquaman’s “Force of Life and Evolution”

“Yeah, so there’s even lines.  And each one corresponds to a power that one of the heroes on the Justice League has tapped into in one way or another.  So flash: The Speed Force.  The flip side of that, the counter, is the Still Force that goes toward stasis.  All of them are sort of dark and almost negative counterparts to the forces that the heroes use.  The Emotional Spectrum: the counterpart is the Invisible Emotional Spectrum which is all the emotions that aren’t visible, that aren’t expressed.  And then now, we move into the next arc, we’re getting hints, at least-and I’ll spoil a little bit-in the “Legion of Doom” issues #8 by James Tynion and Mikel Janin, you’re going to get hints that the next two forces correspond to Aquaman and the “Force of Life and Evolution” and Wonder Woman, “The Force of Divinity.”

So where does the story go from here? Snyder explained to Newsarama:

“Things slow down in #8 and #9.  Issue #9 is an issue about repairing the moon. Jorge Jimenez is drawing it.  It’s pretty quiet.  It’s about what the heroes have discovered in their relationships. But we wanted to start to be kind of explosively new and bold and to sort of announce all of the sorts of ideas and new parts of the mythologies that we’re exploring in Justice League.  So the finale really does deal with the conflict between the underbelly forces and the positive forces.

So you’ll see the Still Force used, you’ll see the Speed Force used, you’ll see the Emotional Spectrum used, you’ll see the Invisible Emotional Spectrum used…In one way, it’s this huge climactic battle where the Earth and the whole galaxy and universe hang in the balance.  But at the same time, it also gives you a sense of how big and dark and crazy things could get as the story moves forward, past this arc.

So I’m really excited. I’ve never had as much fun as I’ve had over the last year and a half between, once I started on Metal to to this, i’s almost one giant story that we’re kind of weaving through and building and building and building.  Every piece, we get to add to it.So here’s where we get the White Lantern Earth.  I’ve been waiting to do that for a year plus! And in issue #8, the Legion of Doom unlocks some secrets about Starman.  And we’ve been waiting to do that for years. So all of that stuff is really fun because it’s been planned for so long.”

Well, it seems that Scott Snyder and crew over at DC are showing no signs of slowing down.  So far Snyder’s Justice League has been an amazing series and can only get more iconic as the story progresses and it can only get better from here.


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