DC Universe Beta Goes Live Ahead of Official Launch

by Joshua Raynor
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Those eagerly waiting to check out the new DC Universe streaming site need to wait no longer.  A beta version has gone live on the website and on the android app.

This beta version has a limited amount of content right now, just enough to give those of us who pre-ordered the service a nice taste of what is to come with the full launch.

Currently you can watch a selection of TV shows and films, like Batman: The Animated Series and Superman: The Movie, you can read comics like Detective Comics #27, and even buy merch.  The layout is nice, and will be spectacular once all the available content is released.

And be sure to test out the comics reader, which has a fantastic panel-by-panel option which really brings the issues to life.

The official launch is this Saturday, September 15th, aka Batman Day!  You’ll be able to sign up for the service at a monthly fee of $7.99 per month or get a yearly subscription for only $74.99!

Will you be signing up for the service?  If so, what are you most looking forward to?


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