“Shazam” Costume Not Ready Yet

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You’ve already seen the Shazam teaser trailer for the movie being released this spring, but reports are coming in that the costume we saw is not the final version.

Fans brought up the possibility of a new costume when more recent photos were released showing a darker costume and less pronounced lightning bolt.  When fans asked director David F. Sandberg, he had this to say:

“Making suits is hard. Like painting a room you can look at little swatches all day but you won’t really see the effect until it’s done.  The color of the finished suit didn’t look quite as expected in some lights (particularly daylight) which is on me since I decided to change fabric very late in prep and there wasn’t time for as many tests. I figured we’d just have to tweak it in post. The first image released though unfortunately didn’t have any post production done to it. That was right as we were putting the trailer together. I figured since that image was out there perhaps we shouldn’t stray too far from it in the trailer. Might be confusing. This image is closer to what I’m going for, but it’s all still a work in progress and we’ll see where we end up. No images (or the trailer) have the finished bolt effect either (it’s not going to be an extreme effect or anything but it’s not just a simple glow).”

Even though we have not yet seen the final product, we can still get an idea of how the costume will contribute to the lighthearted tone Sandberg is trying to achieve in the film.  Sandberg added, “He’s trying to find his family… His mom is out there.  But once he gets these powers, he’s just trying to figure out what to do with them and how it works. For that he needs his friend Freddy, who is like a superhero expert, who helps him to discover his powers and how to be a superhero.”

The costume should be finalized as we get closer to Shazam’s premiere date of April 5, 2019.  What do you think of the costume so far?  Let us know in the comments!


Ari Bard

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