Martian Manhunter Returns To Comics In New Limited Series

by Brad Filicky
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For the first time since 2015, Martian Manhunter is coming to comic book stores in a new limited series from DC, this time written by Steve Orlando with art by Riley Rossmo.

Revealed exclusively by The Hollywood Reporter,the series launches in December 2018.

“The upcoming 12-issue series is at once a re-examination of the character’s origins and emotional journey and also a detective story on Earth, as J’onzz — in his guise as John Jones, human detective — attempts to solve a murder which may have connections to his own past on Mars,” the story reads. “As Orlando puts it, it’s also a chance for he and Rossmo to define the character in a way that he’s never had the opportunity to be seen before.”

Check out some art from the series below!

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